Wildlife abounds

From time to time I like to post collected pictures of the various beasties that can be found lurking in the woods surrounding our cottage. The first picture is a little blurry, because it was taken in a great hurry with one hand while carrying firewood.

2deers_SMThe deer here are pretty fearless; last week we were having a bonfire on the garden and I’d left the gate open. A big buck noticed the open gate and tried to get in, until Emily intervened and we shouted and waved our arms. He grudgingly left as I chased him to the treeline, but once I was gone he sneaked right back and I had to chase him out all over again.  A few days later, these two bucks were found standing at our front porch. Were they trying to get into the house? Who knows. What I DO know is that I now regret my decision to not by a deer tag this hunting season. In Oregon, you can’t buy it once the season has started (a few days ago).

coyote1_SMThis next picture is also a bit blurry, but for a different reason, so I will provide you with before-and-after. To the left we have the south end of the garden, as seen from our kitchen window at about 10:00 in the morning. Emily was making coffee, and said, “hey, there is a coyote in our yard in broad daylight.” They are pretty reclusive, though we know they are around because they can be heard howling late at night about once a week or so. She must have pretty good eyes, huh?

coyote2_smHere is a closeup of that same picture, enlarged (and grainy) clearly showing that wily face peeking at us from behind the vegetable washing table. He loped off seconds after I took the picture.

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