When elk attack!

That sounds pretty dramatic, but I guess it isn’t all that bad. Remember how I put up a special deer fence around the orchard? Well, I went out to check on the bees yesterday, and found a giant hole torn in it, top to bottom, about ten feet wide. Ugh. I was looking at my trees to see if there was any damage, when José came by in his pickup.

“What happened here?” I asked him. The tear was so big, I assumed that the dumptruck bringing manure for his berries had snagged it somehow.

“Deer, hombre!” he said. ” I told you that fence was no good.”

Hmm. Annoying. I guess this is the point of experimenting, though. Now I know that the fence alone, without the 1.0 joule electrical wire to go with it, isn’t going to keep hoofed raiders out of my dainty fruits. I guess I have to buckle down and get a fence charger. The good news, though, is that none of my trees got munched. I guess the guilty deer/elk were just wrestling around in their early spring fervor, and have plenty of other edibles all over the place to keep their bellies full.

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