What would Gilligan do?

gilligan_waterSMWe still don’t have a well or running water, but one of the things that I have to do sometime soon is a plumbing test for the drain and vent system. To do that, you have to fill the system with water to prove it doesn’t leak. But where to get water? As luck would have it, the previous owners of the cottage had arranged a rainwater catchment system. By the time WE bought the property, it was in disrepair. But a little cleaning, replumbing, and field improvisation has brought it back online- complete with an elaborate system of overflows. Gilligan, eat your heart out.


There have been other repairs and refurbishments happening as well. Brian and Ryan helped me build a mini greenhouse a few years back, and after three ┬áseasons of hard use, the plastic has finally dissolved. This weekend, Emily and I replaced it with a double-walled flexible panel called “Soloexx”. It’s like corrugated cardboard, but made from UV-stabilized plastic. Should be quite durable and help keep those plants cozy.

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