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wellculvertSMAfter a long wait, work has finally started on the well. I mentioned our well options about a year ago, and since then we’ve been working to make that happen. I pulled a well construction permit from the state, took out the legally-mandated $5000 performance bond from the bonding company, and coordinated with my excavator buddy to help me dig it the next time he had his trackhoe in the area. All was set, then… the local gravel pit stopped producing the washed drainage fill I need to construct the well. This prettymuch put the brakes on things last fall- the way the surface catchment well works is, you have a large vertical culvert surrounded by a LOT of gravel that the water table can percolate through. Basically a 12′ pit full of the stuff.

But, thankfully, the gravel is now available again as of last week. We can build our well! The picture above is many cubic yards of the magic rock, as well as a 36″ diameter x 12′ long plastic perforated culvert. A culvert I crawled inside the entire length of, scrubbing with bleach water until it was shiny clean. Hopefully we can start digging in the next few days, if the rain lets up a little.

broken bridgeSMBut now I have another side project, as well. While driving his dumptruck full of gravel over my bridge, the aforementioned excavator buddy was less than careful and wandered too close to the edge of the bridge. This was the result; I guess I am now a bridge repairman too. Luckily,  no one was hurt and Dick was able to get his dumptruck out of the creek without too much trouble and only one part bent on the front end suspension. He felt kindof silly; he knows better and he’s driven his fully loaded dumptruck across the bridge before and knows you need to stay on the center where the steel beams are.

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