Vanishing of the Bees

We just watched an interesting documentary, The Vanishing of the Bees. It’s about CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder), a mysterious new problem that is affecting bee populations all over the US. Basically, all the bees in an affected hive just disappear. 30,000 bees are there one day, and a few weeks later, they’s gone. No bodies, nothing. Sometimes the queen and a few babies are left, and they soon die from starvation. It’s a scary thing, in part because bees pollenate more than a third of all crops you see in the grocery store (next time you’re in the grocery, imagine a third of the store being empty. Yikes!). More importantly, bees are like the canary in the coal mine- indicators of overall environmental health. If you want to see a good documentary and learn something interesting about modern agriculture, especially the sort of things we’re doing here at Peace Crops, check it out on Netflix or wherever you get your video entertainment.

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