Timber 2?

markwitten_SMI missed a post last week, because I’ve been working on something cool. And I will post about it soon. But to keep you interested, I’m going to post a quick one about something different… the last post!

We’ve been taking down some trees on the property, with the help of a neighbor. But one of the trees is going to stay- and needs to be limbed up. It’s sortof a scary job. But as luck would have it, a friend-of-a-friend knows just how to do it, from years of working in the timber industry. Here’s a photo of Mark way up in the air, swinging a chainsaw around with wild abandon while strapped to the side of our giant spruce. The coolest part was the expertise with which he dropped the limbs. Using much the same technique as Sandy, he cut notches and angles in the branches, and the limbs swung diagonally, well clear of the house. He also had this clever technique of leaving a few feet of each branch on the way up, to make a natural ladder. Then he lopped them off close to the trunk on his way down. So much to learn…

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