Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
rubytilecuttingWe had a nice turkey dinner potluck with several friends in the area, and are feeling quite satisfied. But beforehand, I set the last tile in the mudroom. As of now, all the floor tile is installed, and the wall tile in the bathroom is only about a workday away form being done as well. Here you see Emily running the tile saw earlier in the week, working in the sideways rain. It started hailing a few minutes after this was taken, but that didn’t deter her from the appointed task. In fact, she kept right on at it until the saw broke down, ending our work for the day so we could go to town and get a part. She was pretty frustrated that we were rolling along so well, then something like a mechanical failure would throw a monkey wrench in to the whole thing. But you know, that’s how projects seem to be.  And people who don’t do a lot of maintenance or creative projects don’t realize that when things go smoothly, it’s becuase someone did a lot of thought and preparation beforehand into having spares available, the right tools, extra materials, and so forth. That’s what “making it look easy” is all about.

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