The Last Market

Last night was the end of the market season for 2014. Wow, this year has gone by quickly. ┬áHere we are presiding over the stand, waiting for the starting drum and first rush of customers. It’s nice that we were able to still have a pretty good showing, despite paying a lot less attention to the garden this year while distracted with all the housebuilding. Even with the lower attention to gardening this year, we still managed to increase sales over previous years. This is encouraging! We feel confident we’ll do even better next year. Oh, and notice that spike in the graph the last few weeks? That’s when the honey comes on (more about that in a future post).

2014_MFMsalesWe officially started the “decommissioning” process of the garden today, and have stopped watering and tending. What remains- mostly pumpkins and winter squash- will do fine without water, as it dries out and cures for its final stage. The focus, for now, is to get moved into the new house. Immediately thereafter, we’re going to start moving the garden from the old property to the new. We’re extremely grateful to Ryan, Julie, Betty, and Farmer Ned for all their suport while hosting us these last three years and we look forward to now living on the same property we are farming in the years to come.

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