Sun dome!

sundomeSMToday I installed a Velux sun tunnel in the roof of the cottage. It was Emily’s idea… our house has PLENTY of natural light, but none in the pantry. Now it does, without having a window! Instead, the sunlight travels down this super-reflective tube and pops out in the ceiling of the pantry, in a fixture that looks a lot like an electric light. Of course, we’ll have a little electric light in there for nighttime, but it’s nice knowing that you can get around in the house all day long without ever flipping a switch.

Speaking of switches and sunlight, the solar panels are working great! We had four or five days of overcast in a row, and the batteries never dropped below 76% charge. A good day of sun filled them back up- and that’s with only three quarters of our panels installed. Of course, I have only been using it to run power tools and a few work lights, so it will be interesting to see how it performs when I have a fridge and well pump hooked up, and live there full time. Those are the biggest loads.

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