Smoke and brimstone

longrifleSMTarnation! Things have been busy here in hillbillyland. There’s a lot of farming, building, foresting, and so forth going on… so much, we hardly have time to think. But occasionally, we do get a chance to take a break and let loose. Here we see Emily shooting a black powder longrifle, as Eric and Taylor look on. Eric is a relatively new friend of ours, and he seems to be my kind of people- energetic, friendly, and crafty.  He made that flintlock from scratch. No, not a kit: from bits of wood and metal. I’ve been itching to do that for a long time, and I think that when we get the house done, it’s time to get the checked off my list! He seems game to help, though he confessed to me that he actually buys pre-forged barrel blanks and then taps them for the various locks, frizzens, sights, and then engraves them. He doesn’t actually do the blacksmithing himself, but has always wanted to learn how to. Sounds like I have to get him and my buddy Mark together; maybe we can have a collective awesome-gun-making week at my house next year?

And I’ll have you know, Emily bullseyed the tin can at the far end of the road on the very first try. Bear and coon, beware!

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