Salmon return

2015salmonSMNovember is always a special time around here, because the salmon return to our creek. We were a little concerned this year, because we’ve received so little rain. Our annual average is normally in the 90-100 inches range, and we’re on track for about a third of that this year, putting us in the same class a Sacramento, CA. In fact, in August the creek actually dried up to gravel for about 30 yards in one stretch. Maybe that is why it’s named Gravel Creek? But this last week we got a lot of rain, something like 6 inches in less than a week, so the creek is back and with it come the lovely fall salmon. Splishing, fighting, darting around, lurking like sharks unde the bridge. Many of them are longer than two feet. Welcome back fishes!

2015_fall gardenSMWe got the fall garlic in just in time, too. Planting in the rain was a pretty miserable experience last year, and this year we dodged that handily. Here we see Emily putting some finishing touches on the garlic patch. She says that she likes the garden when it has all these colors on it, because it looks like a quilt.

Our rain around here is normally slow, but steady and persistent. We actually got thunder and lighting a few days ago, though, which is really. And that lead to something interesting I’ll talk about in the next post…


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