River bank stabilization

riverbank_smA few days ago, the workers from the Tillamook Estuary Partnership came out again, this time to plant riverbank stabilizing seedlings along our creek. These are a low-growing variety of willow, and they planted a thousand of them in one day. I was incredulous when they told me the number, so they showed me their technique: the willows are brought in as whips cut from their nursery stock, clipped into 24″ wands, and then simply jammed into the ground. So long as they are live and have at least two vegetative nodes above the groundline, they will root and grow. Supposedly by the end of the summer, they will have leaves and be solidly rooted, but by NEXT summer, they will have really flourished and it should look like a robust native planting.  We’re pretty excited to have this kind of work going on at our property.

gooseegg_SMIn other news, Emily got a GIANT egg as a present from our friends at Nehalem River Ranch. I keep some bees at their property, and they handed this egg to me after I was done checking up on my fuzzy buzzy bees. It’s a goose egg. She ate it and it lasted her almost until dinner before she was hungry again. Oh, and it had two yolks!

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