Red Roof Inn

I’m planning on expanding my honeybee operations this year, from 6 colonies to 18. That’s a big jump, and as part of the process, I’m going to need a lot of new hives. Not being one for doing things the easy (or cheap) way, after a lot of consideration I’m going to make my own. It’s usually more efficient to buy the parts and assemble them, but I have some special details I want. One is all cedar construction, to be extra rot resistant in this damp environment and not require painting (bees are particularly sensitive to chemicals). ┬áMy friend Ryan likes woodworking, and he’s already pledged to help me make all the boxes.

redroofinnSMI also like what they call a “garden top,” a sloped roof like a house instead of the flat top you see on many beehives. This helps shed water better, and increases ventilation in the hive for better moisture control. I was originally hoping to clad them in copper (it looks SO COOL), but when I got the quote back from the local sheet metal place, they wanted $816 for the 12 roofs. Um, that’s not going to happen. I stewed on what to do for a while, then remembered the obvious: I still have all the old roofing we tore off of the cottage, lying around in the yard. I cut some of it up as a test, and was pleasantly surprised by the results. Looks good! And it will do a great job keeping my bees dry. It took me about an hour to make that one, and I’m sure it will go faster now that I have the technique worked out.

And with the cedar and red metal, the hives will totally match the cottage! Disturbingly cute…

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