One of this things I had imagined to do with this blog when I originally started it was to post recipes. Yeah, yeah, I know- there are a million recipes on the internet, and I’m not even that much into cooking. But I had a few reasons for wanting to do this. First, I thought it would be a good opportunity to showcase some of the food-related issues Emily and I are spending a lot of time discussing, both in person and online.

The second reason was to build up a database of ideas that people could use to prepare food they buy from our farm. In this modern age, cooking (heck, just preparing food) has gone out of vogue. On top of eating out several times a week, most Americans don’t even “cook” at home. They just reheat; the food has already been prepared in a factory somewhere far away and packaged to store indefinitely on a shelf in the store. I’m not griping about this because I’m a romantic nostalgic; it’s because I see a lot of worrisome things around me, and I feel like I should speak up and do something about it. Most of the kids I see around town are fat, and like so many American adults now, will likely be undergoing treatment for Type II diabetes one day. That bugs me. I also see how as a society, we are giving up our food sovereignty to corporations, and don’t keep enough food on hand to handle even the shallowest “bump” in the distribution system that brings the food across the country to stock the shelves of the local supermarket. And what about peak oil? As gas gets more expensive,  prepared food will become increasingly costly.

Anyway, I’ve been reading a great book about these things and more, and I was thinking about it as I was making breakfast this morning. I looked at the food I’d set out to cook, and thought, “wow, that’s what I’m talking about.” Almost all of it was scratch ingredients, locally grown and acquired, and healthy. Now, I don’t want you leave the impression I always eat like this; our quest for food sovereignty and health is still a big learning process, and we eat out sometimes too. But with an example like this, maybe it’s time for me to start the recipe project. I will try to post one every week or so, with the ingredients, the directions, and then maybe even a little bit of commentary. I hope you find them enjoyable and informative. For the first one, read on…

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