Planting is never done

Planting is never done. Until we started this project, I always figured that gardeners planted seeds in the spring, and harvested stuff in the fall. That overly simplistic view, like most overly simplistic views, turned out to be misguided. Once you get into serious growing, you are always planting something. In the late summer, it’s short-season crops to extend the harvest, or getting started with the overwintering crops. He we can be seen transplanting a special type of tall spinache, one that we hope will do better in this climate than the other spinach we planted in the spring that failed. This picture makes me happy, because we don’t often get photos showing both of us, and it’s a good metaphor for what this thing is all about- the two of us spending time together growing things.

Now that we’re well into the summer, the garden is looking pretty full. We’re still waiting for cucumbers and squashes, though, as the rains continued late into the summer and they all got a slow start. I love cucumbers, and have been missing them. And they sell really well at market, so I look forward to that too.

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