Peas are up

The peas are growing Jack-and-the-Beanstalk style, and are now our tallest plant by far. I seem to recall they did this last year, too. Here’s Emily next to them, for size comparison. Don’t get me wrong; the beans grow pretty quickly too. But peas are definitely the fastest legume on the block. Other plants are doing equally well, and we even saw our first corn cob. It’s on a variety of corn we’re trying this year, an ancient native variety of grain corn that is multicolored, good for grinding into flour, and makes very short stalks. These are about three feet tall. Hm.

This week has been really busy with visitors and guests, and next week promises to be even more so. But we still find time to get into the garden, get the watering done, and stay (just barely) on top of the weeding. Luckily, next week’s visitors includes a few friends that are keen on helping us out, so we’ve stored up a list of high-manpower tasks to tackle with them, things that are in the often troublesome “important but not urgent” category: clearing paths, skirting trees with rocks, remulching the blueberries, that sort of thing.

Production is way up, and as you can see, we finally have a properly filled table at the market. This coming weekend, we might even go to the Tillamook market on Saturday, if we can harvest enough. Yay!

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