Joe & Katy visit

joe-n-katySMThis week brought something exciting and new… two of our friends from Peace Corps came to visit! Joe & Katy shared in many of our adventures while we were serving in Guatemala, and we are especially close with them because we were two of the three married couples serving together (only 7% of Peace Corps volunteers are married). We love seeing old Peace Corps people, but it doesn’t happen as often as we’d like- everyone is so busy with their re-started lives, ourselves included.

But, as it is with old friends, it seemed like just last week when we’d seen them last, despite being over three years. They are doing well- Katy has a job with the Center for Disease Control, and Joe is making it in the art world, touring and selling his (very cool) art. We showed them our town, our beach, or farm, our new house… all the things we’ve been up to. We love those guys.

agribonSMOn the farm front, things are starting to heat up. We’re finally taking off the last of the Agribon, letting the most cold-sensitive of our crops get the full sun they deserve (as well as pollination services, courtesy of my happy happy bees). All of you midwesterners are probably thinking “what the heck?”, but here on the oregon coast, our daytime average temps are still in the 60s. We won’t get into the intense heat of the 70s until well into July.  🙂

IMG_2671SMThings are still progressing on the cottage, though slowly. The avalanche of architectural work won’t start letting off until July, so I’ve not been spending the time out there that I’d like. Today was a great advancement, though, since I had a team of FOUR today! We got the damaged floor faming for the loft replaced, the opening for the stairs framed, and half of the subfloor down. Little by little, we move forward. Will we be in by fall? Still don’t know.

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