It’s all right, It’s all right, it’s all right… propane.

propaneSMYou have to imagine that title to the tune of that old Clapton song to really get the spirit of it. Here we see Jeff, the propane guy. He’s super friendly, brought the tools, and has the talent. And now WE have propane. Here we see him installing a 250 gallon tank. That much propane will get us through more than a year, if I worked it out right, which is nice because we can time our propane purchase to July, when it’s the cheapest.

flooring_abovSMBesides the propane, we also got the floor in! I thought it would take all weekend, but a few friends showed up, put their shoulders to the wheel, and we got it all in in ONE DAY. Hot stuff! Here we see Emily, Alyson, and Sam-I-Am working away. We had quite a system- they measured, I cut, they installed. By 7pm, we were really tired but done. As tradition demands, we then went into town to treat for pizza. But who knew that the all the pizza place in town would be closed for the winter? Aah, small towns. But the pub was open, and the burgers there are mighty fine.

Now… we gotta get those counter tops in, don’t we?


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