Investing, Pacific Northwest style

I just got this interesting article from a friend. It addresses one of the big problems in modern-day, non-industrial agriculture: financing. Most traditional lending institutions aren’t interested in small agribusinesses. As a result, people like us have to be creative in that area as well. It’s refreshing to see that some investors sympathize with the need to support local food systems, aren’t araid to try something slightly “alternative,” and are also interested in reaping the collalteral benefits of being associated with small scale sustainable agriculture. My favorite quote:

Those of us who have invested get 7% return per year… IN CHEESE!  We get a cheese card.  I can show you my cheese card, right here….”

Of course, they get an ROI that is equal to or better than other more traditional investment routes too, just like any other small business would give. That’s encouraging to read, because we are probably going to need similar support some time in the next few years. As it is, we’ve already had several individuals offer to help us acquire rootstock, seeds, and so forth, with them receiving a part of our product as payback. That’s a pretty good deal for everyone: we do the work, they get quality eats. The aforementioned investments are like that, but on a much larger scale.

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