Funny looking dog

I was at Gravel Creek the other day checking my bees, and heard this weird snorting/ wheezing sound coming from the woods in the direction of the river. It was barely audible, but after a minute or two, my curiosity got the best of me and I put down the smoker. Throwing back my veil, and walked over to the creek to see what on earth it was.

fawnSMAs I neared the bridge, I saw a deer step out of the woods, and make a loud huffing noise. Weird! Then, a little fawn stepped out next to her. In a flash, the fawn saw me… and started running right at me! I was kindof dumbfounded, staring at the fawn as it trotted down the driveway like a dog, stopping right at my feet. “Hi there, little fella!” I said, holding out my hand as it circled me. I caught this picture as she nudged my hand with her nose.

I think the doe was making all the huffing noises as a sort of “stay away from those, they’re really dangerous” warning. But, like kids do, the fawn was ignoring her. It was awfully cute to see her dancing around like a pet, but I hope she gets it figured out before deer season. My last encounter with a deer running toward me didn’t end so well for the deer.

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