First market of 2013

stand20130613SMThe summer must be here for real. The first farmers’ market of 2013 us upon us. Last Friday, I sorted through the shed and dug out all the goodies that make up the stand: scale, table, canopy, flags, markers, cash box. We even have a spiffy new banner this year, and it looks great! The one thing we don’t have much of, though, is produce. Heh.  It’s still pretty early in the season. We brought turnips, bolstered heavily by a selection of plant starts. The take for the evening: $39.

But I’m not sad. We figured we’d go no matter what we had, just to be seen and to enjoy the opening day. And what fun it was! The weather was balmy, there were tons of shiny happy people there, and I saw dozens of friends I haven’t seen in months. It was great. And we didn’t really look that ridiculous, either: we had enough to cover the table, and the other farmers were also much lighter than would be expected. Next week, though, I think we’ll be fine, as there were a lot of things THIS close to ready: radishes, peas, arugula, spinach, lettuce.   And maybe in two or three weeks, we’ll have enough produce that we can do the friday AND saturday markets. I like the saturday one in Tillamook too, but it’s a different crowd and farther away, so we do Manzanita when we only have enough goods for one.

sidingSMThere hasn’t been a house update in a while, so here’s a picture of the siding. It’s clear cedar. It smells great, is super hippie natural, and fun to work with. The bugs and mold hate it… and the pocketbook isn’t too fond of it, either. But it’ll be a long time before we have to replace it. It’s attached with stainless hardware, which also adds a bit to the price. That’s the theme of the material palette: cedar and stainless. We have stainless flashing above the window heads, too; you can see it if you click on the photo to enlarge. Swank.

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