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This blog tends to be extremely local to the goings-on in our small valley in northwest Oregon. But occasionally I hear of events in far off lands that remind me that this all started long ago and far away… in Guatemala. While Emily and I were serving as Peace Corps volunteers in Guatemala, I began blogging as a way to keep our family informed about what we were doing, and discovered to my surprise that a lot of other people were interested. I continue that tradition now for our farm blog, writing about what we’re learning as we re-discover these ancient farming arts that our modern culture is starting to forget.

SnuqSMBut occasionally, I come across something that yanks me back to Guatemala. Here’s an article you can read about recent events in Santa Eulalia, the tiny Mayan community where we lived for over two years. It’s in Spanish, but there’s a link at the beginning to get the English version. It’s disturbing to read about what’s happening to our old neighbors, but not surprising. We have friends that work at Snuq’ Jolom Konob’, the community radio station they mention, and even spoke on the air a few times when discussing issues of community health. Here’s a picture of two of our friends introducing us to the airwaves in 2009. Although we didn’t know Diego, things like what happened to him happened while we were there, and knowing that these sorts of things continue… really bums me out.

I encourage you to read the article; the world needs to know about this.

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