Deer Abby

I was sitting at the computer working this morning, and Emily was in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Suddenly, she cried “Aye aye Aieeeee” and started flailing her arms wildly. I thought she might have been stung by a straggling bee; we’ve had a few of them turn up in the house in the last few days. But no, she was looking out the window, pointing into the garden below.

We went out on the porch to see three deer standing in the new garden, checking out the tender sprouts. I guess we can’t put off the deer fence any longer! Luckily, the only thing visible yet is the onions, and deer aren’t so keen on those. I shouted and threw a piece of firewood at them.


This had absolutely no effect, nor did the next throws. In fact, it made the deer come closer, sniffing at the firewood to see if it was some sort of treat. “I hope they get that figured out before hunting season” Emily said as she pulled on her boots. Shooing them off manually was no easy task either. She stomped off towards them, arms waving and shouting, and she was nearly upon them before the first one decided to leave. And, as soon as she turned around, I could see one of them peeking over the edge of the hill to see if maybe it was OK to come back.

So, I guess the deer fence needs to get moved up the priority list.

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