Clearing brush

Things are slowly getting back into gear at the farm. Our big task for the time being is clearing out another 3,000 square feet of garden space to get ready for the coming season. I spent some time hacking back the blackberries, only to discover a lot of big brush from a previous logging event a few years ago. Today we drug a lot of that downed brush away from the garden, and we’ll probably burn it later in the spring. Whew, what a pile!

The other thing we just realized is that we need to get our fence back up. We took it down late in the season last year, since there was nothing really to protect and we knew we’d be expanding this spring (and have to redo it). When we were out yesterday, though, we noticed the footprints of a very large deer (or elk?) that had meandered through our planting beds and munched up the remainder of our beets. That’s OK; they were long past and the ones that were left were pretty ratty. But right next to those beets are our beloved garlics, which are now coming up quite nicely. We certainly don’t want anything to happen to them! So next week I begin the process of putting up the new and improved fence. Last years’ fence was provisional, made from the leftovers of the orchard fence, and reinforced with the electrical wire Dad got us. This year we are going to do it right, with braced corner posts, intermediate posts, top and bottom tension wires, and proper gates. Deer (and dogs) beware!

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