A room with a view

Destruction continues apace at the Gravel Creek cottage. It’s Ryan’s spring break, and while his class is out playing, he’s stuck helping me destroy stuff. The weather has  really given us a break so far, and we’ve had three pretty days in a row… sunny, cool (60s), and calm. I hear that there’s snow in the midwest? That’s hard to imagine from here.


We took out basically the entire west wall, due in part to the need to rearrange door and window openings, but mostly because of the rot that was pervasive from the leaking deck flashing above. Most of the wall was a total writeoff.  Luckily for us, that’s a nonbearing endwall, so we didn’t have to jack the house again to make that happen- just have to use a sledge to wedge the new studs back into place in order to keep the building level. Yay!

We got kindof used to the wide, sweeping view, and were discussing making the entire wall a big window, but that’s pretty tricky in a permanent installation… and definitely out of our budget. I’ve been trying to get nanawall on a project for years, and none of my clients could ever afford it (and I’ve had some pretty flush clients occasionally).  I am certain it would look great on this project, but I have to save money for the roof…  🙂


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