2014 veggies

We’ve ordered the seeds for the 2014 season. Last year was pretty frantic, and as part of that, we didn’t keep very good production records. Ideally, I’d like to have data to support seed choices- what grew and produced well will usually make a return appearance the next year. And, of course, we like to introduce a fair amount of new things in the garden, to keep our (and our customers’) interest.

borakingSMThis year, however, we are doing mostly a repeat of last year- varieties that did well in the 2012 season should do so again in 2014. We have found some new and exciting things that we’re going to try, though, so I’ll share them here:

Cumbre carrot

Canoe pea

Purple Peruvian potato

Soleil bean

Bora King radish

… and Copra Onions, which I’m especially excited about. We’ve only had marginal luck with storage onions, and this year we’re already out. Last winter, by comparison, we never had to buy onions from the grocery store.

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