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Clutches, concrete, and a little time off

It’s been a busy week. On Monday, I finally replaced the bearing in the transmission of the walking tractor. It’s been waiting since a few weeks ago when Emily was using it to help a friend grind up cover crop … Continue reading

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A chipper off the old block

This week we got to try out two of our new tractor implements. The big excitement was the chipper/shredder. I’ve never had (or used) one of those before, but the brush pile at Ryan’s house was the perfect chance to … Continue reading

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Grillo walking tractor has arrived

So, something monumental has been brewing for about three years, and it’s finally coming together. A month or two after we got back from Peace Corps in Guatemala, right after we moved to Oregon, we were talking with another recently … Continue reading

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A busy worksite

This weekend we had a larger, more diverse gathering of workers than ever before. I went out early to get set up and organized before Jeff came back to help wire the solar panels, and I arrived to find that … Continue reading

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Backhoe archaeology

I have long been dreading the coming battle against the blackberries. The new farm at Gravel Creek has a beautiful lower field that is about an acre and a half, flat, close to the creek, with good sunlight that is … Continue reading

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Two Wheeled Tractor

So, for quite a while we’ve been toying with the idea of a two wheeled tractor. What on earth is that, you ask? Well, it looks kindof like a rototiller on steroids, and performs most of the same service as … Continue reading

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