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2012 harvest statistics

I’ve finally had a chance to compile this year’s harvest statistics. It gives an interesting, quantitative perspective on what we did in 2012. I won’t bore you with all the details, I’ll just give you the highlights, much like the … Continue reading

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Seed selection

The rains of winter are still coming down. Luckly, this is the time of year where there isn’t a lot of outdoor work on the farm. Slogging in the rain can wait another month or two! There are a few … Continue reading

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Pumpkin pie, kids, and strawberries

Since the very beginning of this venture, Emily has been dedicated to the idea of educational outreach as part of our mission. Today she put that into action at a local preschool in Tillamook, where she and a bunch of … Continue reading

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The surprising FUN! plan that works

One of the hardest challenges for beginning farmers is financial. No one really wants to lend them money. However, with most of the country’s farmers over the age of 60, there is a growing need to get more people into … Continue reading

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No, it’s not about the sun (we don’t have any here). It’s about laying out the field for the coming year’s production. Now that we’ve sealed the deal on the land, we have to figure out how we’re going to … Continue reading

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