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Logging 101

When we originally started looking for a piece of land to inhabit, we had this idea that 5-10 acres would be a good size. That’s bigger than anywhere I’ve ever lived before, and we’d┬áhave plenty of room to run a … Continue reading

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A busy worksite

This weekend we had a larger, more diverse gathering of workers than ever before. I went out early to get set up and organized before Jeff came back to help wire the solar panels, and I arrived to find that … Continue reading

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A monster in the yard

I came out to the house the other day to find this monster lurking in the yard. It’s called a “skidder.” I’d never seen one before living in the Pacific Northwest, because they are one of those tools that really … Continue reading

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Timber 2?

I missed a post last week, because I’ve been working on something cool. And I will post about it soon. But to keep you interested, I’m going to post a quick one about something different… the last post! We’ve been … Continue reading

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One of the interesting cultural things we’ve discovered about Oregon, especially the coast, is that it has a rich timber history. It’s evident everywhere: old buildings with wood beams three feet deep, huge expanses of forest at every turn, old … Continue reading

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The Trees

I don’t know why so many of my posts are titled after rock songs; I guess I have a constantly running soundtrack of 70s and 80s music running through my head at all times (today’s post is brought to you … Continue reading

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