Email Notification & RSS

Be a registered user!

Did you know that you can get automatic email notification every time we update the blog? All you have to do is register as a member of the blog. It’s quick and easy, doesn’t cost a cent, and you have total control. Besides subscribing to email notifications, as a registered user you can login and your web browser will remember some basic information, like automatically filling in your username when you leave comments.

We value privacy as much as you do, and promise we won’t share your information with anyone. There’s no commitment, and you can un-register at any time.

Click here to to set your email notification preferences, or go directly to your profile to manage your preferences.

RSS feed

Another way to be sure you don’t miss any updates or new information is to use our RSS feed (click the link to start it). Most web browsers support it, giving you updates to new content only as it appears. It’s great if you get a ton of email and don’t want your inbox filled with blog notifications, but not so good if you don’t regularly use your web browser (it doesn’t notify you unless your browser is running). RSS and Email Notification are two different tools to let you know what’s happening at Peace Crops. If you want, use them both!

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