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the NewBeez of 2015 are here

Since it looked like I was going to reach my funding goal for the Cozy Bee Project, I took a chance and pre-ordered 10 packages of bees to replenish the ones lost to the bear last year. Yesterday, two days before the … Continue reading

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River bank stabilization

A few days ago, the workers from the Tillamook Estuary Partnership came out again, this time to plant riverbank stabilizing seedlings along our creek. These are a low-growing variety of willow, and they planted a thousand of them in one day. … Continue reading

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Cozy Bee Project

Several months back, I was thinking as I was reading an article in the state beekeeper newsletter about the Vivaldi board. It’s a special ventilated roof that is supposed to keep bees healthier by reducing moisture during the winter months. Hive moisture … Continue reading

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Oh dear, now it’s been even longer since I posted. Hopefully I can get back on track now! This month has been hectic, trying to finish up the house, and we’ve been living with a friend across the street in the … Continue reading

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Underground stream

Sorry it’s been so long since a post; we’re sortof in limbo waiting on a few house items that are beyond our control. I do still go out to the house regularly, though, and work on subprojects that aren’t on the critical … Continue reading

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Happy solstice

and two year anniversary of us being land owners! Now if only we could get moved in… Speaking of Gravel Creek Property history, I was walking by one of the trees that Sandy cut down a few months back and took … Continue reading

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It’s all right, It’s all right, it’s all right… propane.

You have to imagine that title to the tune of that old Clapton song to really get the spirit of it. Here we see Jeff, the propane guy. He’s super friendly, brought the tools, and has the talent. And now WE have … Continue reading

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Sun Break

Oregon is awesome. In December, when a midwesterner would normally expect blizzards and ice storms, we get rainbows. And despite the fact that we get a LOT of rain, we get some sunny days too. This has made energy management … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We had a nice turkey dinner potluck with several friends in the area, and are feeling quite satisfied. But beforehand, I set the last tile in the mudroom. As of now, all the floor tile is installed, and the … Continue reading

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A pretty place to farm

I never cease to be amazed at how pretty this place is. Here we see Emily planting garlic on what is probably the last possible day. Several people I’ve talked to in town mentioned that they were looking at the … Continue reading

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