Farmer vs. Blackberry

Emily came out to help me in Day 3 of “farmer vs. blackberry”, an epic battle that is just getting started. You see, much of the really GOOD land we want to plant on is covered by an impenetrable thicket of blackberries. The good news: it is fertile, the blackberries swear it. Bad news: everyone tells me there is only one tool known to man that can defeat the tenacious Oregon Blackberry… a goat! Unfortunately, I don’t have one. That means I have to resort to something unusual, a secret weapon not well known in these parts. One that I brought back with me from Guatemala.

My machete.

Yep, we’re clearing the land the old fashioned way. It’s a lot of work, but it’s ┬ákindof nice to get out and get some exercise. After three days, I’m about a quarter done. That is almost daunting, but reminds me of something my brother once told me: “No problem is insurmountable if you break it down into many smaller problems.”

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